We are updating the page of the “GSR Off” with the registrations and costs of the social events. Take a look!

Registration is open for the XXIX Giornate di Studio sui Rivelatori 2020!

The School will be held from Feb 10th to Feb 14th, 2020, in Cogne and Aosta (Italy).

Lectures will take place:
– in Aosta (Palazzo della Regione, via Deffeyes 1) on Feb 10th
– in Cogne (Villaggio dei Minatori) on Feb 11th-14th.

The conference fee amounts to 100 EUR. It includes:
– all lunches and coffee breaks
– transportation from and to Torino (train station) on Feb 10th and Feb14th (see the “How to get there” section)
– the Food and Wine Welcome Walk on Feb 11th.

Lecturers and topics:

C. Benvenuti – Vacuum Technology for Particle Accelerators

S. Bertolucci – The DUNE Neutrino Experiment at Fermilab

T. Camporesi – Calorimetry: the Challenge of High-Luminosity LHC

F. Ferroni – Status of Double Beta Decay Research

S. Falciano – Technology Transfer at INFN

C. Galbiati – Searching for Rare Events with Noble Liquids

S. Giordanengo – New Detectors for Beam Monitoring in Particle Therapy

R. Iuppa – The LIMADOU Experiment on the CSES Satellite

L. Musa – CMOS Pixel Sensors for High-Energy Physics

A. Zoccoli – Future Challenges of Computing in High-Energy Physics

In the context of the School, a public lecture on “From Open Science To Open Innovation “, by  Sergio  Bertolucci (University of Bologna and INFN), will be held in Aosta on Feb 10th

Also, don’t miss out on our social events:

– Tuesday afternoon from 5:30 p.m. : Food & Wine Welcome Walk

– Wednesday afternoon from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. :
Let’s walk with ciaspole (snowshoes)

– Thursday afternoon from 2:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. : Ski Race

– Thursday evening at 8.00 p.m.: Social Dinner (cost: 40 €)