The School

Giornate di Studio sui Rivelatori is an international school on particle detectors

Its XXXI edition will take place from June 26th to June 30th, 2023, in Aosta and Cogne  (Aosta Valley, Italy).

The lectures of Monday, June 26th, will take place in Aosta, Palazzo della Regione, Sala Viglino.
The rest of the lectures will take place in Cogne, Sala del Palazzo Comunale.
Please visit the HOW TO GET THERE tab for details.

Registration opens March 15th, 2023. Please go to the REGISTRATION tab for details.

Topics and speakers

Quantum sensing in wave-like dark matter search
C. Braggio (UniPadova)

CMOS sensors and readout for experimental physics:
challenges, opportunities and future trends
M. Da Rocha Rolo (INFN Torino)

Small accelerators for Cultural Heritage
M. Fedi (INFN Firenze )

Nuclear emulsion detectors for colliders, dark matter search
and medical physics
G. Galati (UniBari)

Einstein Telescope and the 3rd generation
of gravitational wave observatories: status and perspectives
J. Harms (GSSI)

Selective Production of Exotic Species
T. Marchi (INFN LNL)

Development of Pixel Detectors for the European XFEL
D. Mezza (PSI)

Dual-phase xenon TPCs for rare events search
A. Molinario (INAF OATo & INFN Torino)

Diamond-based technologies for cell sensing
F. Picollo (UniTorino)

Accelerators for Society
M. Vretenar (CERN)


In the context of the School, a seminar by Prof. Fiorenza Donato (Università degli Studi di Torino) will be offered to the general public (see the PUBLIC EVENT tab for details):
La materia oscura: un mistero grande quanto l’Universo.
The seminar (in Italian) will be held in Aosta on Monday, June 26th, 5:30 pm.

Conference fee

The conference fee amounts to 150 EUR. It includes:
– welcome event, social dinner, lunches and coffee break
– transportation from and to Torino (train station)
on June 26th and June 30th (see the “How to get there” section)

Social events

– Tuesday afternoon: Food & Wine Welcome Walk

– Thursday evening: Social Dinner