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P. Azzi – Future circular colliders and detectors
L. Baldini – The gas pixels detectors for the Imaging X-Ray Polarimetry Experiment
F. Cavanna – Detection techniques for underground nuclear astrophysics experiments
G. Chiarelli & F. Scianitti – Talking about science: why? Who? How?
S. Dalla Torre – The ECFA detector R&D roadmap
F. Faccio – Radiation-hard electronics for HEP experiments: problems and solutions
A. Gola – Recent developments in SiPM and SPAD
M. Nervo – Detectors for cultural heritage
V. Sola – Silicon sensors for 4D tracking

In the context of the School, the public lecture Trovare un ordine nel disordine: dall’intelligenza artificiale alla medicina personalizzata, by prof. M. Caselle (University of Torino and INFN), was held in Aosta on June 13th

Student posters presented at the School:

Advancing Front-end Readout ASICs with BiCMOS SiGe
Technology for Ultra-Fast Sensors by A. Elsenhans, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany)
Operation of the CGEM detector by S. Gramigna, University and INFN Ferrara (Italy)
System for cryogenic qualification of SiPMs by E. Montagna, University and INFN Bologna (Italy)
Transition-Edge Sensor in INRiM by C. Pepe, Politecnico di Torino and INRiM (Italy)
Searching for an eco-friendly gas mixture for the ALICE Resistive Plate Chambers by L. Quaglia, University and INFN Torino (Italy)
ALICE muon spectrometer upgrade and commissioning for the LHC Run 3 by L. Terlizzi, University and INFN Torino (Italy)

C. Benvenuti – Vacuum Technology for Particle Accelerators
S. Bertolucci – The DUNE Neutrino Experiment at Fermilab
T. Camporesi – Calorimetry: the Challenge of High-Luminosity LHC
F. Ferroni – Status of Double Beta Decay Research
S. Falciano – Technology Transfer at INFN
C. Galbiati – Searching for Rare Events with Noble Liquids
S. Giordanengo – New Detectors for Beam Monitoring in Particle Therapy
R. Iuppa – The LIMADOU Experiment on the CSES Satellite
L. Musa – CMOS Pixel Sensors for High-Energy Physics
A. Zoccoli – Future Challenges of Computing in High-Energy Physics
In the context of the School, a public lecture on “From Open Science To Open Innovation “, by Sergio Bertolucci (University of Bologna and INFN), was held in Aosta on Feb 10th






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