Public Event

Ceremony for the naming of the School after Prof. Emilio Chiavassa

The event is POSTPONED


The school was launched as Giornate di Studio sui Rivelatori by Franco Bonaudi ed Emilio Chiavassa in 1991.



They took care of organising the school for several years, and later passed the torch to several younger colleagues, most of which were or had been their students. The school was named after Franco Bonaudi after his passing in 2008. During the different editions the scientific and organizing committee of the School grew in numbers and contributed to making the Giornate di Studio sui Rivelatori an international school, but its founding fathers Franco Bonaudi e Emilio Chiavassa are not forgotten.

On Monday, 17th June, Prof. Ermanno Vercellin, Head of the Physics Department and former student of Emilio Chiavassa, will accompany us on a journey to discover the importance of this school for young researchers, taking the occasion to celebrate the work and legacy of Emilio.